bush’s niece endorses plastic bag recycling

by:Alliance      2020-05-17
A City Council bill that requires supermarkets and other large retail stores to collect, transport and recycle plastic handbags they give customers today is recognized by an unusual source: Lauren Bush, A fashion model and niece of President Bush. Ms.
Bush, 23, appeared in the Lower East Side of the whole food market this morning with City Council Speaker Christine C.
Quinn supports the legislation, which was last week by MP Peter F. Vallone Jr.
Democrats in Queens
At a press conference
Bush, who graduated from Princeton last year, said her interest in plastic bags began four years ago when she learned about the environmental impact of plastic bags. Ms.
Bush told reporters: Americans use an average of 300 to 700 bags a year.
If everyone is in the United States, give you a visual of numbersS.
If a huge chain is made of plastic bags, it will wrap around the earth 760 times.
This is only the annual consumption of plastic bags in the United States.
In addition to this, plastic bags will not be biodegradable.
They are only broken down into tiny toxic small pieces that pollute the soil and waterways.
This process is called light degradation, and it takes about 1,000 years for these bags to break down in our landfill.
It is for these reasons that I support this legislation in the city council.
I think it is important for New Yorkers to recycle plastic bags and buy reusable bags. Ms.
Bush focused his philanthropy on Hunger and the environment.
She has been an Honorary Spokesperson for the United Nations World Food Programme.
At today\'s press conference, she promoted the feed bag, a reusable bag that costs $60, enabling the food program to feed children for a school year.
\"This program not only encourages the nutrition they desperately need in third world countries, but also provides them with education because food is really the driving force to attract these children to school, she said.
She also called the bag a \"cool, easy-to-touch product \".
\"Under the City Council Act, more than 5,000 square feet of shops are required to place bins that are convenient for customers to put down their luggage, as well as to sell cloth or durable items, reusable plastic bags
The act requires each plastic bag to carry the printed information at a height of at least 3 inch in capital letters: Please return this package to the participating store for recycling. âx80x9dMr.
Vallone quipped today, \"a waste of plastic bags is a terrible thing.
So far, the industry has had mixed reactions to the bill. John A.
Supermarket tycoon Catsimatidis, who runs gristede gazs, recently changed his party registration from Democratic to Republican and is considering running for mayor, saying the bill seems to be an unnecessary
But in a telephone interview today, Pat Brodhagen, vice president of the New York state Food Industry Alliance, the New York state food chain and supermarket industry association, said it had not taken a formal position on the bill.
Members of the alliance will meet this week to discuss the proposal, she said. In fact, Ms.
Brodhagen gave a positive evaluation of certain aspects of the bill.
\"We have a problem if it picks out the food store, but this bill doesn\'t do that,\" she said . \".
\"It works for anyone who uses more than 5,000 square feet of plastic bags.
It is important for people to know that plastic bags are everywhere, and everyone who uses them needs to invest in plastic bags.
Given this new focus on bags and the environment, the concept of recycling them is, in our view, the smartest of all the positions that have been floating.
She said no.
Biodegradable plastic bags
As was promulgated by San Francisco.
Not working in New York.
\"I think the bill needs work, but that\'s what we can do and what we\'re doing . \"
When talking about recycling, Brodhagen noted that several supermarkets in northern New York and Long Island have begun voluntary recycling.
\"This is a question of finding a way.
\"The Progressive Bag Alliance, which consists of several plastic bag manufacturers, provides support for recycling work.
The Whole Foods Market, which is not a member of the New York state Food Industry Alliance, sells bags and offers a small discount to any shopper who returns plastic bags to the store for reuse.
The Austin, Texas-based chain supports Ms. Quinn’s bill. (
Nevertheless, Whole Foods, which claim to be responsible for the environment, occasionally have to defend their use of plastic. )
The western mainland reported.
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How about paper bags?
What\'s wrong with them?
When I grew up, there was no plastic bag and everything was fine.
Went shopping on Friday. To Weis & Wal-
Mart & Stop & Shop.
Plastic only.
What happened to the paper?
Also, someone should recycle Lauren\'s uncle.
Back in Texas, statistics!
The problem in this country is not the consumption of plastic bags, but the way we buy food.
Let millions of people (
Mainly suburban and rural residents in the United States)
In this country, it is impractical to buy a $60 reusable package because of the nature of the way we shop.
The trip to the store is no longer milk, bread and sugar.
It was an all-out adventure, and the football mother put one bag after another into a big gas.
Over the next two weeks, an oil-consuming SUV served food for the troops.
If our food culture is more like the food system in the UK, because there are fewer preservatives used in the UK, thus forcing people to buy fewer preservatives, one or two reusable bags are more practical for going to the grocery store more often.
Unfortunately, this is not the food here.
I have a question.
Is the supermarket bag more biodegradable than the plastic garbage bag in the kitchen?
Instead of buying garbage bags, I use supermarket bags for this purpose and when I have enough bags I shop with canvas handbags.
This way I can use the minimum number of plastic bags of any type.
In all of this, my question is-what do people using cloth bags use to pack garbage?
Several of my friends who use cloth bags ended up buying original plastic garbage bags for their garbage.
It seems silly to me.
When you use it to store the garbage, at least the store plastic bag will be recycled once. AGREED! ! PAPER BAGS! !
When my parents grew up in India, garbage was notexistent.
All over again
Since cold storage is also unheard of, people buy everything fresh.
Now, countries like India are growing faster than they can support, so let\'s set an example here.
For Kate: I have 10 reusable bags, bought at the vitamin cottage for a dollar, not as large as Lauren pushed.
They are good for a lot of things, not just groceries.
I recycle with them and take them shopping everywhere.
The whole food here even sells less than $60 for bags.
This is a very simple idea, charging customers 10 to 50 cents per plastic bag, or providing reusable bags at a reasonable price.
This method has been used in Germany for many years and works well.
The 5 cents credit for Whole Foods has never tempted me to bring my own luggage, and I did it out of environmental responsibility.
If you count 50 cents per bag and average 7 bags per grocery shopping trip, one will suddenly think of not wanting to pay $3.
They have 50 shopping every time.
This is unfortunate, but I think it\'s not realistic to want people to remember to recycle their bags.
If you don\'t calculate the cost of production or the long-term environmental cost, 50 cents per plastic bag is likely to be cheap.
Recycling plastic bags is a good idea, but it is best to avoid using plastic bags first, because the best policy to protect our environment is to avoid any recyclable garbage.
We usually buy groceries in Shoprite and food town with \"paper and plastic.
The empty bags of our kitchen garbage were neat.
I admit to being a little obsessive-compulsive and often venting family and friends who don\'t follow my trash can rules.
Since I am the person who collects garbage and takes the trash bin out to collect it twice a week, I like clean garbage bags.
The trash is also a little better for my trash than the rest of the street because they can easily take out the small bags that are tied up.
When we shop in the store (
In addition to Costco, we use their corrosion discard to transport our purchases)
This only offers plastic bags from Wisconsin and minnistota, we have spent too much time in the last few years, they usually pack their own groceries and each bag is almost empty!
We left the store with more bags than needed.
Some shops have \"paper or plastic\" checkout greetings, we usually choose paper because they have handles, but we don\'t pack our bags ourselves, because the luggage provided by the store seems to be offended by the customer\'s attempt to pack his own groceries.
Eliminating small plastic bags is a huge benefit for all of us because many of them have experienced Feralbag\'s life in trees, bushes, etc.
Dry cleaners have been accepting used hangers and plastic bags for years, but how many of us recycle them?
Say no to paper!
Even if paper breaks down in a landfill, their production is still harmful, even if they are made from recycled products.
Recyclable most of the time (
Cardboard and other things)
Send it to China for processing and send it back for consumption.
It is a huge waste of energy in every direction.
Put a few plastic bags in your briefcase, backpack or wallet for a quick trip to the store.
Purchase a larger reusable canvas bag plan to go to the store.
It will take a few weeks to master it.
I even took my own plastic bag to order takeout. out (
As long as the food is not plastic)
Sometimes take my food out of their bag and give it back to them.
With a smile of course!
Paper bags are made of trees.
There is a problem with deforestation.
We need all the trees we can get. Not to worry.
The price of food has gone up so high in the last few weeks, and those of us who live on a small fixed icome can hardly afford anything to take home!
Who is the recycling company responsible for collecting/recycling these bags?
How will they be recycled? Into what?
A few years ago, a large supermarket chain in the northern district of Duch County had a plastic bag recycling station.
I often ask how they are recycled.
The clerk told me that they didn\'t really get the \"recycling\", it was just the collection point of the bag and eventually they would be put into the garbage in the store.
Instead of buying garbage bags, I use plastic bags.
Most of the food I purchased was in a canvas bag ($4. 99).
I\'m trying to take canvas bags to places like CVS, Target, or Macy\'s to put my puches, but I risk being followed by their security personnel.
Get happiness from shopping. “Read my lips.
\"No celebrities!
There is no charge of $60 for Whole Foods.
$60 gives you a bag and a year of food.
I also line up at home with my plastic grocery shopping bag and don\'t have to buy plastic padding.
Pat Brodhagen claims that non-
Biodegradable plastic bags will not work in New York. Why not?
It works in California.
Paper bags are biodegradable and recyclable and can be used as garbage bags.
Paper bags are a simple solution.
I just came back from Germany where you have to pay for your luggage at most stores.
They offer \"cheap\" plastic bags, stronger, reusable ones, a woven paper/plastic composition and canvas/fabric bags.
I like to buy reusable bags from different stores;
Some of them are actually quite stylish with only 1 euro per person.
I think it would be great if the American store could catch the idea (
While, admittedly, at least at the beginning, it can be annoying for shoppers and store employees).
Aldi charges for luggage in stores in the United States (
They provide paper and plastic of different strength).
I hate plastic bags and keep the habit of always having a small canvas bag in my wallet when going out.
Most cashiers don\'t seem to mind putting my stuff aside if I only buy something, let me pack or pack it for me.
If I have a lot of things, I just have the cashier put them back in the cart and I try to stand out while I\'m bagging.
In any case, I think if it is raised as an economic issue,
Do you want to pay for your bags every time you go to the store? )
May be more popular.
The store will take a lot of initiative, but they may save themselves by not having to buy so many plastic bags.
Perhaps the delivery service of the New York Times should be noted.
We all appreciate that our documents are protected by plastic bags on rainy/snowy days, but why are they packed in plastic bags every day (double-
Bag when it\'s really raining)?
I recycle bags when I clean the bin, but I have a lot of bags to help with ASPCA & there are a few more.
Green report in The New York Times!
What happened to \"bring your own bag\" at the grocery store?
Stop making plastic bags or start charging them!
This will shift people\'s minds from the consumption of the entire processed/packaged food to more bulk/reusable bag methods.
What other products are free to consumers?
First of all, Russ Waring said: \"Someone should recycle Laurenson\'s uncle.
Back in Texas, statistics! ”No, thank you.
We don\'t want him back.
Just use him to line up the trash can, or put cat litter in, or something useful.
I\'m from two camps.
Once a week I took my BBQ to the farmer\'s market and filled it with delicious food, the only plastic bag I used was the bag I put the frozen meat in, to prevent condensate from being absorbed about things.
But there are things I can\'t buy in the market, like rice, flour and cinnamon.
For those I went to the grocery store (
Although CostCo is becoming more and more common with its recyclable cardboard boxes)
I receive plastic bags occasionally.
Then I use that bag to line up the bathroom trash can or pick up cat litter.
However, I do feel troubled when I see people in the store take out 50 bags and know that most people end up throwing things away.
Another choice of non
Recyclable garbage
For apt residents in New York, this can be difficult, but for those who take the bag out and load the bucket, why not just bottom up your inner bucket without the bag and then when
Then it can be thrown into the truck as it is now . . . . . . The inconvenience is cleaning the barrels several times a week . . . . . . Why is this an unlikely source?
Because her father\'s brother is president?
Does that automatically make her a Republican?
If that\'s the case, you think it\'s ridiculous and ignorant that every Republican is against a sustainable life and environment --
But it\'s too common. presumption.
I\'m not a Republican. or a Democrat.
But the free nuances of the New York Times are really not subtle at all, which is interesting. Nice negative-
An article was published on Bloomberg today.
Of course, you will say Spitzer is grumpy, but you will stop right away.
You will never say that he has a \"potty mouth\" or that he has insensitive remarks.
Sitting here from an objective point of view and reading The Times is annoying --
But it\'s funny to me. bias.
Now you\'re in the Colbert carriage! ! ?
Wait, isn\'t he conservative?
Different conservatives?
Or has he reached the cool factors that The Times can\'t afford, such as fraud?
But be careful-
I\'m sure he\'s pro.
Environment . . . . . . Don\'t Want You blind
Standing side again like a ladyBush.
I purchased and used biodegradable/compostable bags to arrange my trash can.
They are not expensive and sturdy enough for anyone\'s garbage (
As long as you don\'t plug the body in).
We recycle plastic bags (
When we can\'t avoid it)
Go back to a nearby grocery store with 1 and 2 plastic trash cans.
We pack discarded paper mail and newspapers in paper bags for roadside recycling.
Not perfect, but a step in the right direction.
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