crafts & handiwork - weaving your home decor spell with woven ribbon pillow covers

by:Alliance      2020-05-18
Add a bit of luxury to your decor. Beautiful satin or splendid ribbons have something so special and luxurious.
Imagine a pillow woven in your favorite color.
With some planning and searching you can find lovely fabrics to complement any decor or add a little romantic elegance to your boudoir.
Making woven ribbon pillows can help you customize your decor.
By using the remaining material samples you have already used in your room, you can tie them perfectly to your pillow.
For example, if you use co-
Coordinate the fabric of the chair and ottoman, which can be used again in the lampshade.
In addition, several rolled edge strips of the fabric can be added to the strips used to make up ribbon pillows.
These instructions apply to 12 \"x 12\" pillows, but can be easily adjusted to any size you need: a few yards of fabric straps of different colors, medium weight fusible interface cardboard backing and straight plate material to match the color of the main strip (1/2 -
1 yard, depending on the width of the fabric)
Coordinate the first step: WeavingCut a piece of about 10 \"square\" interface, place it on the cardboard, melt the side to cut the 10 \"ribbon up and lay it vertically, with pinWeave 10 \"strip horizontal, upper and lower fixed to the top, and fixed with pins using medium heat, iron the spine onto the interface-
This usually requires holding the iron in a position of about 10 seconds and following the interface instructions.
Step 2: sew two materials 3 \"x 10\" on the front boundary \".
Put the two sides of your woven ribbon together, and the right side together, stitch around 1/2 \"seamCut off excess and iron, flatten the two materials 3\" x 13.
Follow the third step and put the needle and iron together along the top and bottom, right side: Trim the hand needle around your ribs, or criss-cross
Through the middle.
It\'s an interesting part to play your imagination.
Step 4: cut the back of the 13 \"x 13\" square of the material Square together and sew a 1/2 \"seam along the 3 sides. Turn right-
Fill with filling material or pre-filling material side
Made pillowcase, sew the edges below, if you want, you can add extra decoration on the outer edge of the pillow, such as matching with ribbons, tassels, lace, etc.
To make a removable pillowcase, trim the side of the front and back to a larger 5/8.
According to the manufacturer\'s instructions, the zipper is inserted on that side. After top-
Sew or finish the desired zipper, turn the pillow over and put it together on the right.
Sew from the end of the zipper on all sides and finally on the top of the zipper. Over-sewto fasten.
Trim the corners and press the seam open. Turn right-
Press outside with a warm iron. Insert pre-formed pillow.
For custom finishes, make a fabric bag slightly smaller than the finished size of the pillow and fill it with loofah. Sew shut.
This will close the loose filler, as you can see from the beautiful example above, simply weaving the ribbon together is just a way to create a unique and exquisite fashion accessory.
By alternately contrasting colors, you can create patterns in the main pattern.
The change in red and white is from the top of the pillow with 5 red ribbons, then 7 white ribbons and finally 5 red ribbons.
Then repeat the pattern along the side and give the red and white cross centered on plain white.
Patterns and changes are limited only by your imagination.
My favorite pattern is a bit casual.
I\'m just looking for ribbons of similar weight in the colors I like and then looking at the relationship between them.
This \"moment of mood\" method is a bit whimsical, but the resulting pillowcase can be quite unexpected and lovely. Happy Crafting!
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