effort to kill california\'s ban on plastic grocery bags moves forward

by:Alliance      2020-05-22
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This week, bag makers spent millions of dollars collecting signatures for a proposed voting initiative to overthrow it, after which plastic grocery bags were used.
The ban, which was passed by the State Council and signed in the fall by Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, was widely supported by environmental activists who said the bags would cause garbage and pollution.
But the measure triggered a strong reaction from plastic bag manufacturers who said their products were easy to recycle.
\"You just have to take it back to the grocery store and put it in a container and it will be recycled,\" said Jon Beryl, spokesman for the American progressive bags alliance, this provides funding for efforts to abolish the ban.
The industry group contributed a large portion of $3 million to collect signatures for voting initiatives to overturn the national ban, which will now take effect on July.
The group said on Monday it had submitted more than 800,000 signatures to the county government, exceeding the 505,000 signatures required to include the measure in the polls.
Environmental activists have long called for a ban on the use of plastic bags, which are cheaper than paper bags but produce a lot of garbage.
In California, people are particularly worried about hurting marine life when bags are rushed into the sea.
Dozens of cities and counties across the state have imposed local bans.
Mark Murray, a spokesman for a group that supports the statewide ban, said the plastics industry is trying to protect its revenue at the expense of California.
\"Almost all plastic bags sold in California are made from three out --of-
Murray said in a statement.
\"These companies and their chemical suppliers have made it clear that they will do anything, say anything, and continue to sell plastic bags to California at any cost.
\"Since the state has to confirm that 505,000 of the signatures submitted are valid, it is not clear whether the proposed referendum will actually take place.
If so, the implementation of the new law will be postponed until after the November 2016 elections.
The incoming secretary of state has to check the signature, and Democrat Alex Padilla has written the ban as a state senator and is the target of an industry attack on advertising this year when running for a statewide office.
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