How about products and service of Alliance?
Shanghai Alliance Industry Co., Ltd makes sure the products and services evolve to meet your needs. By continuing to grow in response to our clients' needs, we can now offer the most comprehensive, integrated products and services. We are proud to partner with you on your journey of bringing new mesh veggie bags to market.

Since the establishment of Alliance, we've been dedicated to producing lunch bag. Alliance's tote bags series are created based on unremitting efforts. Alliance storage bags will be tested on its water treating performance in terms of capacity on removing suspended solids and microbial pathogens, as well as the water quality and contamination levels. The fabric of the product is very soft and comfortable to touch. The product is able to bring out a woman's natural existing beauty, while not posing any potential impact on health. The product can be customized with zipper and button design.

The our team plan is to become an internationally renowned supplier. Please contact.
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