how to make a wheelchair tote bag

by:Alliance      2020-08-12
Make a handy tote bag attached to the arm of the wheelchair.
The strap is connected to Velcro, so it can be easily removed from the chair and taken elsewhere.
It can also be attached to the Walker.
The finished size of the handbag is 16 inch wide and 8 inch high.
This is appropriate for most wheelchairs as it goes through the side of the chair without interfering with the operation of the wheel.
Cut two pieces of fabric for the main body of the handbag, both 10 inch × 17 inch.
Cut two pieces of fabric for the belt, two pieces 3 inch by 12 inch.
Nail the right side of the fabric together and nail the two main tote bags togetherbag pieces. Using 1/2-
Seam in inches, sew on three sides, leave a long side open.
This is the top of the handbag.
Turn the package right-side out.
By folding below 1/2 and then 1 inch, make a hem at the top of the tote bag. Sew down.
Fold below 1/2 on all sides of the strap. Press.
With the wrong side, fold half the straps vertically and press.
Stitch around the straps close to all edges.
On the back of the tote bag, fix one end of each strap at a position of 2 inch on each side and 2 inch from the top edge. Sew in place.
Sew part of the Velcro fastener to the free end of each strap.
Sew the other part of the Velcro fastener in front of the bag, 2 inch on each side and 2 inch on the top edge.
Press two pieces together.
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