how to stop using plastic bags

by:Alliance      2020-05-15
According to the headlines of some newspapers yesterday, the UK is currently in a state of \"chaos\" with plastic bags, all due to the new 5 p charge for plastic bags in supermarkets.
There really is no need for confusion because there really is no need for plastic bags.
I gave them up at the end of 2013 as a New Year\'s resolution.
Considering I\'m almost 10 years old. a-
The habit of the week, it is surprisingly easy.
In the first six months, I admit that there were two times, and I forgot the fabric bag I was equipped with in my handbag, breaking my resolve.
Plus a mistake, when I didn\'t want to take the risk of repeating the bad experience of takeout sushi, I had sea grass leaking out of my jeans.
But the crimes of these crimes made me feel guilty, and in the later shop visits, when I forgot, I just put a bundle of groceries in my hand, or fork it out for another bag, added to my growing collection.
I found an apartment.
Fabric bag at the bottom, perfect for keeping the sushi tray upright.
Now, I haven\'t accepted new plastic bags in the store for more than a year.
The habit persisted;
I would rather leave the house without the extra bag than break my resolve.
When I took a picture of the article, a proper example came up-the photographer said an orange Sainsbury bag would stand out, so it was suggested that we should go shopping.
\"But I can\'t get the bag-it can\'t be me!
I shouted in a little panic.
It will ruin the abstinence for a whole year.
The inspiration behind my determination comes from a book by ocean rower Roz Savage MBE.
She gave her record.
Break the separate crossing points of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans to promote the destructive effects of plastics in the ocean.
She practiced what she preached: she did not throw a piece of garbage into the sea for a few months at sea.
I think my commitment to a career is a bit of an obsession, but it\'s simple.
I have always felt guilty about the huge \"bag\" in the cupboard under the sink (
I must have sent more to the landfill without thinking about it)
This resolution is an easy way to stop it.
When I mention my boycott to people, they often express similar intentions and acknowledge similar bags.
They intend to take reusable bags out for shopping, but often forget.
This mandatory charge may remind people of the need.
In Wales, this fee was charged in 2011, and the use of new bags dropped by 71.
I don\'t think it\'s just a financial \"punishment \".
If I save 10 bags a week, I can save 26 bags a year.
Compared to the destruction of the environment by disposable plastics, this is hardly an economic incentive.
However, it does have the effect of solving the other side of the bag transaction: Not only is it too easy for customers to forget their reusable bags, but the staff are too willing to distribute the plastic carrier at willnilly.
In fact, my biggest setback in this adventure is the indifference of many shop assistants who even began to peel the bags before you arrived at the checkout counter.
Now, they will be forced to ask first and give the customer a second time to let the ecology
In fact, the guilt inside them said no, I don\'t need a bag for this bottle of milk with my own handle.
I know not everyone will take that attitude. In the knick-
Knack chain Tiger charged people for bags long before it became law and I used to see a woman with a full bag
She was on strop after being asked to pay 5 p.
Some people think that plastic bags are a right, just like receiving a receipt, that is critical to the store\'s transactions.
Stop the automatic bag.
Reflection on both sides of the counter is the best thing about this new law.
This means that people have to think about whether they really need plastic bags.
In the past year, I have proved that the answer is \"no \".
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