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by:Alliance      2020-05-14
When handbag designer Judith Leber recently visited her iconic boutique in Costa Mesa South Coast Plaza, more than 200 women tried to squeeze into 500-square-
Frantically strive to meet the creator of the coveted bag.
Women will greet Leber with the same worship as celebrities, which shows how seriously they take their wallets.
Handbag is not only a functional accessory, but also a fashion Declaration on the watch belt, which is an exclamation when people play together.
Especially the night bag, which can make or break a party costume for one person. A dull-
It looks like a jewelry box or a smooth satin envelope can change a normal piece of clothing, and sacks can drag down a piece of clothing.
At this year\'s festival party, women can find evening packs of various shapes and materials from the crystal of Reber
Pave the way for the kitschy vintage wallet.
Bags aged 40 and 50 have become cool things for clubs and parties.
The front end of Newport Beach is a vintage clothing store with translucent Lucite wallets dotted with rhinestones, seed pearls, shredded flowers and other decorations.
And beautiful patents.
Rectangular leather (
Colors like eyespopping orange)
Sacks and hardmetal baskets.
Prices range from $25 to $200.
\"I always carry a vintage bag.
\"I like a lot of things in my 40 s,\" said Natalie Tass, the front-end owner.
Party wallets usually show the personality of the wearer.
They are just minor features.
\"It\'s all about fashion,\" says Tami Schwerdtfeger, a Spanish fly buyer at Costa Mesa Labs, where the wallet is shaped like half a size.
Moon, hat, feetand-a-
Half an ob ball, huge cubes and small bowling balls.
\"Everyone has their own taste.
Girls in their 50 s like hard Lucite wallets.
Those who enter the club may choose the vinyl rectangle.
\"I brought a big shiny wallet with me and the contents could fall out at any time,\" she said . \".
The ladies lounge at Newport Beach can also meet the club\'s needs-
The audience wanted to stand out from the crowd.
The boutique wallet looks like a mini polo bag, covered with fur and colored plastic grass similar to Astroturf, and a huge square bag that pulls the zipper open to reveal the cubicle where some small personal items are stored ($12 to $60).
\"You want a small wallet at the party,\" said Michelle ponse, the owner of the Ladies Lounge . \".
\"Some girls just carry cigarette boxes.
They can match their I. D.
Some money and a cigarette.
That\'s what I did.
In this way, when you go out, you are not asking someone, \"Can you take my wallet ? \"?
\"Many of the bags in Rebo are big enough to carry the most basic necessities.
\"What are you taking out at night?
\"If you fight with your husband or boyfriend, a Compact lipstick and $100,\" says Compact ber . \".
Her wallet is mainly for appearance.
In the trendy Gallas of Orange County, there are usually one or two on each table ---
Never hiding under a chair. -
Let all appreciate the crystal
Set violin, tulip or Fabregasinspired eggs.
\"They are talk clips,\" Leiber said . \".
\"Seeing a person begins a series of memories.
They will be great if you are shy because you don\'t have to say anything.
\"While best known for its hard metal minaudieres made from Austrian crystal mosaics, Leiber makes night bags in a variety of materials, including antique American quilts, handmade
Embroidered ribbon from Mumbai and belt from Japanese kimono.
\"We use crazy materials,\" she said . \"
She has ideas for new bags everywhere.
A trip to the antique shop where she appreciated an old quilt, as a result she collected the bags cut off from the old quilt and decorated them with crystals.
Her star and moon wallet are inspired by an Lalique plate.
A friend of an Arctic explorer suggested buying a penguin wallet.
Rebo recently launched a swan and is currently her favorite bag: \"It\'s a big problem to make the neck look right.
Because I don\'t know what to do with his neck, I\'m not going to be a giraffe.
Designer Stuart Weitzman designed a jewelry bag for his late shoes.
In his handbag pattern: a woman in a Scottish tie, a hand showing off the emerald ring and a black bag with a crystal --
Mosaic of sun and moon ($275 to $1,800).
\"The holiday season is popular with a basic black peau de soi package with some crystal hardware,\" said Darlene Gardner, manager of Stuart Weitzman store at South Coast square.
A crystal bow buckle ($488).
\"Looks like a gift --
Said Gardner.
Bags for all prices.
While a real Judith Reber or Stewart Weizman can sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars, wallets that don\'t have the name of a big designer sell much less.
At Lady Beverly Hills Bao in Laguna Niguel, you can find A variety of geometric bags for less than $50, including cylinders, pyramids, octagonal shapes and.
Frame, as well as various materials from Pearl luc Stone to silky microfibers.
They may not be collectible, but they will stay in town for one night.
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