measure to kill california plastic bag ban qualifies for nov. 2016 ballot

by:Alliance      2020-05-21
LOS ANGELES (Reuters)-
Overthrow California\'s first referendumin-the-
Single is banned across the state
Use plastic grocery bags that were eligible for voting on November 2016 to prevent the ban from taking effect until then.
Opponents of the bag ban have been shown by California\'s secretary of state that more than 505,000 valid petition signatures have been collected, needed to win a place in state voting for their repeal measures, election officials said.
The ban was passed by the State Council last fall and signed into law by Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, with broad support from environmental activists who said the bags would cause garbage and pollution, and pose a threat to marine wildlife.
But the law has caused a strong reaction from plastic bag manufacturers who say their products are easy to recycle and many consumers have already reused them as garbage --
Pet litter can be handled using padding, lunch bags.
The organization behind the repeal bill, the American progressive package coalition, spent millions of dollars on its petition.
The law is scheduled to take effect on July 1 for large grocery stores, prohibiting them from providing a single
Use bags, but allow the sale of recycled paper bags and reusable bags for shoppers who do not come with them.
It will be available to most other retailers in July 2016.
But with repeal measures eligible for voting, the ban will not take effect unless most voters approve it in the November election. 8, 2016.
Opponents use the ban as a back-office bid for the California grocery store Association to enrich large supermarket chains by allowing them to charge customers for grocery bags.
Supporters of the bag ban say the rebound in the bag ban is driven by the plastic industry and some out-of-
California\'s state company supplies almost all plastic bags.
They also pointed out that dozens of cities and counties across the state have imposed local plastic bag bans.
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