Paper or plastic? Or neither?

by:Alliance      2020-05-08
I\'m a little confused about Brian. Joyce\'s Nov. 10 op-ed \".
\"He\'s right, plastic shopping bags are a major environmental problem, and the reusable bags are better.
However, he was almost entirely focused on plastic bags and suggested using paper bags as a better option.
He even suggested charging for plastic bags, but not for paper bags.
This is misleading.
Whether paper bags are better than plastic bags is controversial for the environment.
The production of paper bags requires more energy, takes up more space and uses less repeatedly.
The real environmental problem is the use of disposable plastic bags.
It would be much better to promote reusable shopping bags from the beginning, rather than suggesting that the problem is mainly on plastic bags.
State Senator Brian Joyce\'s goal is correct.
It is encouraging to read his investigations elsewhere on environmental waste and even dangerous bag problems.
I agree with all these moves.
Another factor might inspire some people: to see dirty plastic bags hanging on trees on the side of the road.
During our trip to Syria, we saw the stunning desert landscape of the local black bag invasion, tumbling in the wind.
To improve these photos, it is worth spending very little cost and a little lifestyle change.
I wholeheartedly support Senator Joyce\'s efforts to reduce the number of plastic bags we consume each year;
I also use reusable bags myself for a long time.
Now, if I can only figure out how to deal with the plastic bag mountain that my favorite city newspaper delivers every day, whether it\'s raining or sunny.
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