plastic: the official bag of california?

by:Alliance      2020-05-18
California\'s environmental movement is crumbling on the edge of a slippery slope.
California is leading the way in the fight against the spread of plastic pollution.
However, although the legislative culture of Sacramento could not solve the single problem through meaningful environmental measures, it was recognized as suchuse plastic.
The legislature is now considering Senate Bill 270 (Padilla).
As a nationwide campaign to ban singles
It\'s no big deal using plastic bags.
The bill is exclusive in scope and applies only to large supermarkets, pharmacies and small convenience stores with liquor licenses.
All other retail stores currently in California
Use plastic bags-
Restaurant included-
The proposed bill will be exempt from regulation.
These stores will continue to distribute free disposable plastic bags for littering and polluting the environment.
Under the proposed legislation, plastic bags that are not of any benefit to our society will still be a hassle for our planet.
This is because no SB 270 is written to protect the environment;
This is not a plastic bag to reduce the bill. -
It is a plastic bag production order.
Marked down, sold out, and in the process of politicizing the environment, bad government and catering to special interest groups have no reason to sacrifice the interests and improvements of our environment for the privilege and interests of a few.
Author of SB 270: Senator Alex Padila, Kevin de Leon and Ricardo Laura, in a series that has not yet been prepared for prime-time political drama, appear at a press conference organized in a hurry where you can watch and announce what they call a win-win compromisewin-
Win for the environment, the plastic industry and the grocery store.
But this compromise is nothing more than a deal with the plastic devil --
Wholesale sales of the environment will keep all of us in bags in the plastic industry for the next few years and years.
The Senators held their event at the plastic bag manufacturer command packaging company owned by Pete Grande. Mr.
Grande is a plastic man and what he sees is green, but it is the color of money that really drives his agenda, thanks to the cheap disposable plastic bags made by Grande, and hope that with the help of SB 270 let us all fall in love with it.
Authors of waste reduction, water quality, environmental protection sb 270 claim that their bill has attracted attention and attention throughout the state;
But what exactly is this interest and concern?
It is particularly noteworthy that SB 270 does not have any findings or statements to explain the public policy behind the act and why we need it.
There is no mention in the act of reducing waste, water quality or environmental protection.
Terms such: pollution, garbage, oceans, creeks, streams, rivers, waterways, beaches, parks, playgrounds, communities, clean water laws, wildlife, marine life, quality of life cannot be found in this bill.
Instead, the bill focuses on financial incentives to produce more plastic bags.
There is no provision in the Act to monitor the effectiveness of the Act in reducing plastic bag waste and pollution, or there is any significant increase in the number of recycled plastic bags.
There is no basic premise of data support SB 270 now, that is, simply making
Using a slightly thicker plastic bag can lead to a change in behavior.
In a similar bill proposed by Senator Padilla last year (SB 405)
There is a provision requiring a report to be submitted to the legislature to measure the effectiveness of the Act in reducing waste, water quality and environmental protection.
At the last minute, padira removed this request from the bill, and apparently he was not interested in any responsibility in his new bill.
Bring your own bag and we \'ve become a throw-
Rely on single life away from society
Convenient use of disposable plastic;
But what is the price?
Will SB 270 change behavior for good or strengthen for good?
The goal of the local self-contained bag event is to encourage shoppers to be sustainable, self-contained
Enough and bring your own reusable shopping bags from home;
Don\'t continue to rely on the store to always provide us with cheap disposable paper or plastic bags at little or no cost at checkout.
It is estimated that 14 billion orders have been used in California
Plastic bags are used every year (
Standard plastic bag about 53,000 tons)
But less than 5% single
Recycling using plastic bags. ()
Simply calling plastic bags \"recyclable\" or \"reusable\" or \"smarter\", slightly increasing the thickness of these plastic bags does not help in changing current consumption habits, unless there is a mandatory fee for both recycled paper and reusable plastic bags, nothing will change ---
Each bag that is distributed free of charge becomes a one-time bag.
Mark Murray of the California opposition waste Association praised SB 270 for creating standards and incentives for the manufacture of \"California reusable bags\"-
But is that what we really want or what we need?
For the sake of convenience, we really want to incorporate a thin disposable plastic bag into the structure of our society and compile it into a book;
Or is it a symbol of progress in our country? \". . .
One should be aware of the fact that more \"garbage is being developed --
Friendly \"material will send a wrong signal to people.
This is quite contradictory to many attempts to change behavior.
If \"garbage\" is used to pollute the environment
Friendly \"waste is considered acceptable, it is difficult to draw a line, and it is difficult to achieve any consistent change in attitude and behavior.
\"UNEP 2005: An Analysis Overview of marine litter, p.
It is not enough to say that a reusable plastic bag is a good thing for the environment because it is made of recycled plastic.
Recycled plastic can be used to make many useful durable products. -but a 2.
The 25 mil thick plastic shopping bag defined in SB 270 is not one of them.
Having the community protect their own California success experience encouraging shoppers to bring their own reusable bags is the result of the efforts of local grassroots environmental groups and thousands of people committed to building our community, our state, our Blue Planet is a better place to live.
This is what is happening in California. -
It is not a special interest Legislature promoted by lobby groups.
If Governor Brown Signs SB 270 into law, disposable plastic bags will continue to spread and pollute our environment, and there is nothing the local community can do about it;
Unless the proposed language of preemptive rights is announced that SB 270 covers a single-
Plastic bags were used in California and fell off the bill.
It makes no sense to admit to being single.
Using plastic bags is an environmental problem;
Poses a threat to our health, quality of life and natural resources;
But it is only forbidden to distribute these bags in some stores in all our communities.
The right of citizens to enact local regulations to end single distribution
The use of plastic bags in all retail stores in their community should be protected ---not preempted.
The core principles that Golden State or plastic state environmental advocates have struggled to win over the past few years are in danger of being sold out by three senators in Southern California.
California needs to pass a truly comprehensive ban on all single people
Use disposable plastic bags because the environment, quality of life and the health costs of US and our children are too high if we don\'t use them.
Unfortunately, SB 270 seems to be just another special benefit transaction that does more harm than good. As well-
As some of the leaders of California\'s major environmental organizations support SB 270, this unexpected consequence is likely to hurt current optimism.
If SB 270 becomes law, environmental movements in California will be marginalized;
The harvest now and the hope of the future will be diluted in the next few years ---
In California, the economy that clearly depends on the production, sale and continuous use of plastic bags has overcome this economy.
\"Some garbage, such as film disposable plastic bags that hinder marine life, should be banned or used in stages --
Everywhere. -
There is no reason to reinvent them anywhere.
\"Achim Steiner, executive director of the United StatesN.
The person in charge of environmental projects directing the packaging company said: \"The discussion about whether or not we need or want plastic is a moot question.
We all need plastic.
We all like plastic.
We want plastic.
\"I don\'t agree with Mr.
Grande\'s vision for our future, and I hope most of California will do the same.
We don\'t need more plastic, we need to think outside of plastic, we need to do it now!
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