state of the art; from a slab, fashioning a clutch pc

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By J. D.
BIERSDORFERJUNE 6, from Babylon village 2002 to the latest batch of failed Internet devices, to Microsoft\'s grand plan to launch a customized operating system Windows XP Tablet version later this year, communicating on the tablet of the material is once and for the future. Through point-and-
Click on the interface, voice recognition and pen-
Computer manufacturers have been trying to get us out of the tyranny of keyboards for years.
Hands though-
The organizers of the event have made great progress in integrating functional handwriting recognition software into powerful small handheld computers, and their small size is still unsatisfactory for many people. Full-
Tablets of this or that size have been trying to win the hearts of the people for years, but failed to catch up, probably because of size, weight, technical limitations, weak operating systems or unattractive things, it will even make a burst of laughter from the props on \"Space: 1999.
If I\'m going to trade with my waferthin I. B. M.
In my days, ThinkPad and use tabletto-
Travel during the day, I want certain features--
First of all, a powerful universal operating system where I can run real programs rather than pocket and mini operating systems found on most devices facing mobile professionals.
If I take this thing with me, I want enough size to allow me to work comfortably without squinting, but when I go to an employee meeting this weight does not cause the disc to protrude.
Although Microsoft-
Blessing tablets didn\'t expire until some time in the second half of this year, and ViewSonic Corporation has released its own attempts on the fully functional tablet ViewPad 1000.
A few months ago, Windows 2000 launched early entrants to the tablet competition, but ViewSonic is strengthening the lineup by switching to Windows XP and larger hard drives this summer.
This is not the official tablet version of XP, it provides custom functionality for tablets integrated into the system, just plain Windows XP, but it works fine.
The suggested retail price of ViewPad 1000 is $1,995.
ViewPad 1000 is for a wide range of mobile professionals including the sales, legal and medical industries.
Even though my usual idea is to walk from my desk to the cafeteria to see if there is Vanilla Coke, I decided to bring a viewing deck on my most recent weekend trip from New York to Washington, including four hours, I was stuffed into the coach\'s seat at the American Railroad.
The battery life of the ad ViewPad is listed in about four hours and I have charged it for six hours the night before.
The ViewPad comes with several accessories, including a slip sleeve that looks like a black leather envelope, or a clutch bag that is attractive to Cher. A full-
Also includes the size wireless keyboard for power typing, two styles and power cord for charging the battery.
The model I tested has 20-
A gigabit hard drive with a memory of 256 MB, running at 800-
Intel mobile saiyang processor. It had a built-
In the microphone and speakers, two U. S. B.
One end is equipped with a port, a type ii pc card slot and a small digital camera.
For Internet and web activities, the ViewPad is equipped with an internal 56-
Kilobit modem, Ethernet port and built-in-
Wireless network card connected to Wi-Fi (802. 11b)
Like networks found in many offices, universities and cutting --
Starbucks franchise stores.
The ViewPad is a little more than 9 inch wide, 12 inch high and has a bright 10. 4-
Inch screen touched with nails or stylus.
Depending on which way you want to work, you can position the screen horizontally or vertically using the included software.
This is also a good advertisement. hoc e-
Books reading documents, saved web pages and downloaded e-booksmail.
There are also several options for entering text.
You can fill it up
Adjust the size of the wireless keyboard and type when the ViewPad stands on its support leg, which makes it feel like you\'re doing some sort of deconstructed pop-
Modular computer installation of art.
There is also a screen keyboard program called My-T-
Touch, when you don\'t need a stylus, it allows you to tap the stylus and quickly minimize the title bar of the active window.
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ViewPad comes with pen office handwriting recognition software that tries to bend the stylus into typed text in any program you are trying to use.
It is true that my own handwriting is worse than the doctor\'s handwriting to write a prescription behind a mobile taxi, so the pen-head office can only convert half of my horrible scribbles into the correct letters.
On the train, I used my-T-
Touch the screen keyboard, tap notes and observations in the Windows notepad text editor, while relaxing as comfortably as possible in my seat.
Unlike a normal laptop, the ViewPad needs to be placed flat on the desktop or on a pair of knees and can be placed in a variety of sitting and sliding positions.
Weight is a major drawback of ViewPad.
Without a wireless keyboard, it prompts the scale at 4.
3 pounds, a pound more than my ThinkPad.
Dragging the external wireless keyboard and AC adapter along with the ViewPad makes it even more a commitment.
Built-in Picture quality-
The camera is sufficient for Web Conferencing video conferencing or basic image capture, but this is not a million pixel miracle of photography. There is no CD-ROM drive.
ViewSonic sold a ViewPad Dock for $299, adding a CD
ROM drive plus VGA, PS/2, serial and parallel ports, and other amenities on your desktop.
I was able to insert an external CD-
The ROM drive that came with my ThinkPad entered the US of ViewPadS. B. port (
Windows XP recognizes the drive right away)
So I installed the software.
I also plugged my trusted Sony MicroVault flash drive into another US market for tabletsS. B.
Port and copy some Bela Fleck MP3 files (
Please note that I tore it off my own CD for personal use only)
Play with Windows Media Player software for a while as I drag my tablet around.
I love the ads for ViewPad 1000--
A vibrant responsive screen and its use of Windows XP, not half
Pinot\'s operating system. (
ViewSonic also sells ViewPad 100, a model with 10-
Screen and Windows CE, but mainly for business and health markets
Nursing professionals with specific needs and applications. )
While a bit clunky in physics, its heart and operating system are in the right place, and the ViewPad 1000 is definitely a step in the right direction on the tablet\'s development path.
As the components get smaller and lighter, I hope that ViewSonic\'s next tablet will be able to reduce the price by at least a pound.
But on the good side, after a couple of weeks with me, I noticed that my triceps became more and more bodybuilding, just in time for the summer.
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Form a clutch PC from a tablet.
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