the 10 best kids’ lunch boxes you can buy right now

by:Alliance      2020-05-19
A handy lunch box is essential for children, whether your child is going to a nursery most of the morning, or a school child with a packed lunch or an occasional class.
We collect the best lunch boxes for children based on our preference as parents and the best child lunch boxes outside.
Lunch boxes are also useful for any activity camp or excursions you attend with your children-packing sandwiches, snacks, water on the afternoon playground and some fruit can be a contented child and a full public the difference between crashes.
Nowadays, many lunch boxes are convenient organization tools. children\'s meals can be divided into different parts, such as lunch boxes.
The lunch box can also be an insulated thermos, starting with packing food in the morning until the kids eat it after a few hours of the day.
From an ecological point of view, lunch boxes help to minimize the need for additional packaging materials such as plastic wrap or tin foil.
Children and parents are spoiled when choosing lunch boxes: they have a variety of colors, patterns and shapes that you can imagine, and they offer a variety of materials at a variety of price points.
When you find the lunch box that best suits your child, the most important criterion is that it is BPA-free (
If it\'s made of plastic
So you don\'t have to worry about safety.
The best lunch box for kids is easy to clean and does not leak
Of course, the kids will think it\'s cool (
More important than you think, but still important).
When it comes to making school lunches that kids like, we say diversity is the key: alternating sandwiches or boiled eggs with hot pasta or stew if you can, adding a selection of fruits and vegetables, in this way, the children have enough delicious choices in case they are picky.
If you\'re looking for a sandwich replacement, hummus and pitta, turkey roll
Tortillas, tortillas, rice or noodles-
It works well based on salad. Low-
Pretzels or breadsticks are also popular snacks.
Remember: No nuts! This BPA-
The free plastic lunch box is well designed to make the packed lunch preparation very easy with a compartment for the sandwich (or alternative)
A closed pot of fruit, vegetables, snacks and yogurt, fruit or hummus so that they do not spill and leak over your child\'s lunch.
Parents like it too. easy to clean.
This brightly colored lunch box has a cult of parents and experts who love this design, it has a clear removable tray with six compartments, which is helpful (and cutely)
Each food group is labeled with cereals, proteins, dairy products, fruits and vegetables.
Silicone lid keeps food fresh, Yumbox is leaking of course
Proof, non-Toxic substances.
These two are perfect for throwing sandwiches and snacks.
The piece lunch box with elastic straps is ideal for small lunches.
Children will like bright colors;
Parents will like the price.
What are the main disadvantages?
Can\'t get in the dishwasher
This stackable lunch box has two compartments that can be used to prepare lunch for yourself and your child, and can be used in a dishwasher. Microwave or freezer with fork and spoon so you don\'t need to remember to pack utensils (
Things we often forget).
This stackable lunch box is very nice and convenient and you will end up buying another one for yourself (
Or steal your child\'s stuff because it\'s a complex design
It\'s never too early to teach them good taste, right? ).
There are two stackable cans, a mouth and a handle in this leaking place.
The free lunch box is ecological.
Friendly, available in microwave or dishwasher. Vaya\'s all-in-
A lunch box has a shell with handle and latch and two internal vacuum-
Copper sealed container-or-
Silver hued stainless steel, with a capacity of 300 ml, is equipped with a partition so that children can choose a variety of foods.
Great print and color selection, everything from football to unicorns to pandas, make your minime.
If you buy a new set to make your child\'s packed lunch better, this thermos should be your first choice.
It can keep hot dishes such as soup, stew or pasta at a temperature of up to nine hours, so that you get more varieties during your daily lunch --
Thanks to its amazing vacuum insulation technology, make and keep cool things cool for 14 hours.
Kids will love metallic gloss and folds
A spoon covered in the lid;
You will also like it to play a role in all their night trips.
The most important tip: before putting in hot food, fill the thermos bottle with boiling water for a few minutes to maximize the warmth potential.
This lunch box is more expensive, but parents are impressed with how much food you can pack, and five different compartments allow you to include a wide range of different foods and snacks --a must-
Go out for a few days with your toddler.
This stainless steel container looks smooth and is divided into two compartments, an extra jar with a silicone lid and a elastic band for extra protection.
It also comes with a fabric bag that can be used to carry fruit or as a lunch bag. This is a built-in one. to-
Last item that is easy to clean and looks great, no need to use extra film or tin foil.
This colorful, lovely box lunch design has small hands, made of BPA-
Free plastic with convenient clips, bottom container and two food cups.
We like small details like custom, illustrated labels --
Can also be used as entertainment (
Well, at least five minutes)
When walking out.
We are all helping you to find the best products at the best price, so please click on the link if you would like to see more suggestions from Sun selec.
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